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Get out of low vol warns 'godfather' of smart beta Rob Arnott

Rising valuations are making the Research Affiliates founder nervous, so he's advising clients to rotate into value-orientated strategies.

ETF health check: testing the pulse of June 2016's hottest launches

A year on we reveal the ETFs that have seen assets swell as well as those that have failed to gain traction.

Confused by commodities? How to allocate to a market in flux

We analyse what's behind the see-sawing sentiment.

U Can't Touch This: Why it pays to rebalance annually

Academics in the Netherlands break it down - savings made on transaction costs outweigh returns on offer from more frequent portfolio rebalancing.

‘Active versus passive’ versus the world’s worst regimes

As the UK goes to the polls, we ask whether fund managers should be freed from the need to compare their performance with questionable governments.

ETF providers shun indexing big brands as fee battle intensifies

Benchmarkers tipped to become latest victims in passive price war but conflicts of interest remain.

Passive’s next opponent: climate change

Passive investors have already shaken the world of asset management, and big oil may be the next industry to feel their power.

Crazy in ETF love? New study imagines bottling star quality

Yes sir, they're cut from a different cloth, academics at the University of Zurich and MIT offer an alternative way to reach for the stars, passively.

Irish ETFs to become more attractive under Mifid II

Changes to the regulatory regime will move European passive landscape closer to US framework, a paper from the Irish Central Bank reveals.

Sustainability CIO to head Germany's nuclear phase-out fund

Anja Mikus, has been seconded for six months to spearhead the country's transition into clean energy.