Emerging market veteran Hugh Young stopped by the Citywire studio ahead of board and brand announcements made late on Tuesday to discuss outflows, missing out on 'spectacular' performance and his expectations for the soon to be created Scottish powerhouse, Standard Life Aberdeen.

Watch our series of short videos for the newly appointed head of Asia's views on...

#1 - One way traffic

Rebounding from recent ‘indifferent’ performance, here Young talks about the current attractive valuations in emerging markets after years of negative sentiment and outflows.

#2 - Getting active on passive

ETFs driving down fees is great for the consumer while the distortions they create throw up opportunities for the active manager, however Young sees big structural issues ahead, especially for less liquid emerging markets.

#3 - Chinese omissions

Young talks candidly about his frustration on missing out on high growth areas of the Chinese economy but insists shareholder rights make him uncomfortable.

#4 - K-Pop

From exploding phones to embezzlement - as a holder of Korean giant Samsung, Young discusses what reassured him as the group took hit after hit in 2016.

#5 - Indian promise

Despite demonetisation madness, the Indian market is making great progress. Young reveals why he retains his decade-long overweight and why the best is yet to come.

#6 - Banking on a turnaround

Hit by the recent decline in commodity prices, Young reveals why his standing firm on Standard Chartered was a big factor in recent outperformance. He also discusses why M&A could be on the cards for the emerging market bank.

#7 - What’s in store for the Scottish powerhouse

Here Young reflects on his 25-year career at Aberdeen and what he anticipates his role at the merged entity to be. Covering two thirds of the world, he discusses the huge scope and tremendous potential in Asia.